Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Rick and Morty - Unmortricken

"Unmortricken" brings back both Rick Prime (Ian Cardoni) and Evil Morty (Harry Belden) as Rick finally catches up to the man who ruined his life. We get a nice set up with a montage showing us what Evil Morty has been up to since seeing him last. His solitude is interrupted by Rick's search for Rick Prime eventually leading Rick and both Mortys into being captured by Rick Prime, fighting their way out of a death chamber with other captured Ricks, and coming face to face with Rick Prime at the heart of his Omega Device which he used to wipe out not only Rick's version of Diane but all versions of Diane across time and space.

The question the episode brings up is what happens to Rick now after completing his quest of vengeance? Needing the help of not one but two Morty's to get him into position, Rick takes his revenge by brutally beating the other version of himself to death with his own bare hands. Given the ease with Evil Morty helps Rick take down Rick Prime, the episode also reframes Evil Morty as the most dangerous person in the universe (especially now that he's gotten his hands on the Omega Device). Memorable moments include the reveal of Diane's fate across all of time and space (while confirming Rick's spaceship has indeed being using her voice this entire time), leveling up Evil Morty as a potential final boss for the series, and the gag of Rick continually attempting to shoot Evil Morty throughout the episode.

  • Title: Rick and Morty - Unmortricken
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