Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Nights #2

After the much longer opening story that set up the world and characters of Nights, issue #2 offers a more straightforward tale involving Vince attempting to make it home for movie night with Gray after falling asleep on the bus. In order to make it home, he'll need to cut through the woods which, as everyone knows, is a really bad idea. 

While it only inches forward events from the first issue marginally, Nights #2 works well as a one-off adventure for Vince who makes a new friend in the star-shaped mole named Starven (I wouldn't mind seeing him again at some point) and survives a monster attack (which turns out to be the same monster that killed Matt) before confessing his feelings to an unconscious Gray who appears to reciprocate (as much as a 185 year-old psychotic vampire can). Another solid issue from the new title, which also continues to set up gags about this alternate version of history.

[Image, $3.99]

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