Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Wonder Woman #3

After one of the best Wonder Woman comics I've ever read, the series comes down to Earth for something closer to a middle issue of an ongoing arc. Wonder Woman #3 isn't bad by any means, it just doesn't measure up to last month's terrific issue. The B-story offers a look at the Sovereign and how he uses the the Lasso of Lies to bend another supporter to his will. Let's just say this takes up more panels of the issue than I'd like.

The rest of the issue deals with Wonder Woman invading A.X.E. to get an sit down with the deranged Sargent Steel and find out what the secret organization knows about Emelie that aren't sharing. This works pretty well with Steel and his soldiers again underestimating Diana work works her way through the building, and countless troops, to a flabbergasted Steel who still doesn't realize when he's been beaten.

[DC, $4.99]

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