Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Warrior Nun - Isaiah 40:31

One the eve of Adriel's (William Miller) big coming out party both sides make preparations. Ava (Alba Baptista) pushes back against Michael's (Jack Meade) revelation of the roles both of them are fated to play in Adriel's defeat according to Reya's plan, Camilla (Olivia Delcán) makes a discovery about her connection to Adriel, and Father Vincent (Tristán Ulloa) finds himself with a crisis of faith in his devotion to someone who views and actions don't feel nearly as divine to the preacher as he once did (although it ultimately doesn't change his decision to follow the "angel").

The episode is notable for the opening scene which shows us the past of Mother Superion (Sylvia De Fanti) and her short run as a former Warrior Nun who the Halo rejected after a failed mission. Ava's own plan, which involves prisoning Adriel again and sending him back to the other realm rather than proceed with Michael's suicide run, is thwarted by the temperamental Halo and the return of Lilith (Lorena Andrea). Adriel also sees through Pope Francesco Duretti's (Joaquim De Almeida) charade of reluctant help which ultimately only further undermines the Pope before smiting him down and leaving Adriel to pick up the broken faith of the Catholic Church.

Adriel's victory is complete as the nuns limp from the battle in defeat, Ava is removed from the battle by Lilith, and Mother Superion dies unable to prevent Adriel's followers from getting their hands on the gate. The angel is stronger than ever and now ready to move forward with the next step of his plan. With only two episodes remaining in the series, things are looking bleak for our heroine.

  • Title: Warrior Nun - Isaiah 40:31
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