Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Rick and Morty - That's Amorte

One lesson Rick and Morty never tires of returning to is how disastrous it is when Morty (Harry Belden) attempts to do the right thing. In one of the show's more bizarre concepts, Morty learns that the delicious food provided by Rick's (Ian Cardoni) pizza night comes from inside suicide victims who die on 41 Kepler B. Not everyone who dies has their innards turned into delicious pasta, only those who commit suicide. Unable to deal with the discovery, Morty explains to the locals, who have no idea what spaghetti is and are initially horrified by his cannibalism, what is happening only to lead to the downfall of their civilization. 

Multiple fixes, of course lead only to more problems and disasters. Morty apparently leans his lesson for now, as the family remains blissfully ignorant of where Rick's next family feast comes from. Notable moments of the episode Morty walking in on Rick pulling the pasta from the corpse in the garage, the failed use of clones as one of several mad doctor attempts by Rick to fix the situation, Rick's soul-crushing solution to the problem, and the entire Smith family learning their lesson and, despite his prompting, refuse to ask any questions about Salisbury steak night.

  • Title: Rick and Morty - That's Amorte
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