Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Bob's Burgers - Wharf, Me Worry?

"Wharf, Me Worry?" offers some warm fuzzy revelations for characters worrying about current dilemmas. When Gene (Eugene Mirman), Tina (Dan Mintz), and Louise (Kristen Schaal) head to Wonder Wharf if Bob's father (Eric Bauza), Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) worries his father's growing pessimism over the decaying state of the world will scare the kids. Turns it he had nothing to worry about, although when he decides to check up on them he discovers the kids are missing eventually to be found locked into Clamstradamus booth of the Shellendipity where they have had fun telling random fortunes to the few passersby on a rainy day at the amusement park.

Clamstradamus eventually allows Bob the means to have a discussion with his father and he chooses to return to the restaurant where Linda (John Roberts) has been struggling to help Teddy (Larry Murphy) with a photo for a handyman website that doesn't make him look like a deranged murderer. As the main story ends with a nice reveal to a problem so does the B-story when Linda discovers eating the restaurant's burgers help make Teddy happy (and less murdery) providing the missing ingredient to all the previous failed photo attempts. 

  • Title: Bob's Burgers - Wharf, Me Worry?
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