Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Rick and Morty - Rickfending Your Mort

Rick and Morty lampoon clip shows with "Rickfending Your Mort" when Morty's (Harry Belden) attempts to get an unengaged Rick (Ian Cardoni) back into action end up in an argument needing a mediator to solve. Obviously designed off of Star Trek's Guardian of Forever, the Observers view and recall all which provides some ammunition for both characters to fight with (and plenty of clicks of unseen adventures) until both Rick and Morty grow tired of the concept and can't get rid of the Observer who starts showing anything it wants, humiliating various members of the family. After accidentally killing the Observer, Rick and Morty find themselves on trail for murder on its home world which, of course, means a whole new set of clips.

The rather straightforward joke works well giving us plenty of Rick and Morty shenanigans and revealing a couple of unpleasant truths (such as Rick's instructions to Morty are sometimes nothing more than bets to see if he can trick his grandson into doing something disgusting). We moments with the rest of the family, including a brutal reveal for Summer (Spencer Grammer) thanks to the Observers, but the episode is primarily set to enjoy the running gag and work as a soft reset getting Rick and Morty back on track to adventuring again. Also notable in the clips is the introduction of Churry, a churro Rick gave life to on Morty's whim but who the pair abandoned on an alien world after the wonder wore off, who, of course, now seeks revenge. 

  • Title: Rick and Morty - Rickfending Your Mort
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