Thursday, May 9, 2013

Psych - Office Space

After Gus (Dulé Hill) quits to stand up for co-worker to his abusive boss (Michael Daingerfield), he returns later that night to beg for his job back when he accidentally stumbles upon and contaminates the crime scene of his boss' murder. When a freaked-out Guster shows up on his doorstep in the middle of the night, Shawn (James Roday) agrees to help his pal cover his tracks.

Only making mattes worse by further contaminating the crime scene, the pair end up at Henry's (Corbin Bernsen) front door looking for help to fix the situation before they both are charged with the murder. I've got to say as set-ups go, "Office Space" provides one of the zaniest of the show's seven year run and things certainly don't slow down as every move Shawn and Gus make only digs the hole a little deeper.

With the situation quick spiraling further out of control Shawn is forced to come clean to Juliet (Maggie Lawson) as well as Woody (Kurt Fuller) who begins to suspect the pair while completing his preliminary autopsy. After tying up and gagging their pal, Shawn and Gus resume their search for the victim's missing secretary (Allie Bertram) and anyone else who might have profited from the victim's murder. Not only does the company not suspect Gus of the crime, they even promote him into his former boss' position.

When the security guard (David Koechner) investigating the murder dies before their eyes and Lassie (Timothy Omundson) discovers whose prints were on the thermos all hell threatens to break loose leaving Shawn mere minutes to interrupt the staff meeting, unmask the killer (Michael McGlone), and reveal the true motive for the crime. "Office Space" is ridiculous and over-the-top in a way that reminds me of the show's first couple of seasons when Shawn and Gus constantly found themselves in way over their head. Making Juliet, Henry, and Woody all complicit adds a nice spin to the story, as does Juliet's awful attempts to throw Lassie off-track and buy Shawn the necessary time to find the real killer.

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