Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hawaii Five-0 - Aloha, Malama Pono

In the show's Third Season finale old friends return as Five-0 searches to find a dangerous terrorist (Michael Irby) loose on the island who has already brutally killed five Federal agents in order to escape and has kidnapped his son from the child's mother (Yara Martinez). In order to find the killer, McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) makes a trip to maximum security prison to have a talk with Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos). Meanwhile, after discovering she's been framed for murder, Kono (Grace Park) goes into hiding with Adam‘s (Ian Anthony Dale) help while trying to prove Michael Noshimuri (Daniel Henney) is responsible for both the murder and framing Kono for the crime.

After blackmailing both Wo Fat and a contact (Yancey Arias) who gave the terrorist a car and money, McGarrett and Danny (Scott Caan) catch their suspect only to learn his arrival on the island wasn't to kidnap his son but to protect him from the terrorist group he used to work for who is now holding him hostage and planning an imminent attack in San Fransisco. McGarrett, Danny, and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) refuse to turn the suspect over to the CIA and make a deal to save the boy and get the information necessary to stop the attack.

With the help of both Adam and Fong (Brian Yang), Kono is able to find the proof she needs to clear her name. Sadly, Michael is less than accommodating as he breaks into the lab to steal the evidence, stabbing the crime tech in the process. Needing to finish buisness with his brother, Michael returns home to kill Kono in front of Adam and take control of the Yakuza leading to a confrontation only one of the Noshimuri brothers will survive.

It's nice to see the show clear Kono's name in a single episode and not let the issue drag out over the Summer. However, I am concerned how much Grace Park we may see in the first few episodes of next season when Doris (Christine Lahti) agrees to take Adam to Shanghai, where he will be able to hide from his enemies, and Kono refuses to let him go without her. I'm also tired of the near constant teasing about Doris' true relationship with Wo Fat and why she continues to find it necessary to hide it from Steve who confronts her yet again without getting an explanation.

The season ends in a flurry of surprises as Kono and Doris head for Shanghai, Chin Ho finally summons up the courage to ask Leilani (Lindsay Price) out on a date, and Danny is completely surprised by the unexpected return of Gabby (Autumn Reeser) who returns to give their relationship a real shot. We also get one final scene as McGarrett is caught in the middle of a prison break-out when an armed group shows up to kill Wo Fat. The show returns in the Fall on a new night (the dreaded Friday night slot) which will hopefully bring back Kono in short order and find McGarrett once again forced to work with the man who had his father killed.

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