Saturday, May 4, 2013

Supergirl #19

What happens when two Supergirls meet? That's the question Supergirl #19 answers when Power Girl shows up to assist her twin from a parallel world after Supergirl is exposed to a nasty bit of Kryptonite poisoning. Just by touching, Power Girl is able to stabilize the other Kara's condition allowing the pair of them to fight off Appex, a bargain flunkie Lex Luthor sends to test the limits of the pair's powers.

There's plenty of action here as they two Karas kick some ass, and the idea of the pair working together and sharing their memories and thoughts is an intriguing one that I hope the New 52 will play with in the future. The issue is also memorable for the DC finally admitting that one of their costume designs wasn't getting the job done. By the end of the issue Power Girl will be returned to her classic costume (one done, about 100 more to go) to the appreciation of fans everywhere.

It appears Power Girl is sticking around for another month giving us double the Kara fun which means I'll likely pick up next month's issue as well to see where this new friendship is headed. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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