Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fatale #14

After a series of one-offs featuring other characters, Fatale #14 catches up with Josephine during WWII where her curiosity about her unique condition leads her into Romania and, despite the warning of a woman she trusts completely, to seek out Hitler's mystic priests known as the Thule Society.

Captured by the group, Josephine is to be sacrificed during the Convergence, but thanks to the timely arrival of a solider entranced by a map which drove his other comrades mad, the femme fatale manages to get out of Romania alive. With the punch of some sly humor and action, the comic gives us a glimpse at the series of events which led to the happiest period of her life, but not blissfully happy as the series of events inside the mountain had left unforgettable knowledge that monsters do indeed walk the Earth and they have a keen interest in her above all others.

I've enjoyed the one-offs, but I'm glad to see the comic pick up thread of Josephine's story once again. Worth a look.

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