Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rookie Blue - Surprises

The Fourth Season of Rookie Blue opens six months after last season's finale with Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) still undercover working to take down a drug ring. When Blackstone's (Louis Ferreira) plan to spook the ring into a mistake backfires, Nick heads out with the group alone and Andy is caught snooping by one of the drug dealers (Tyler Hynes) only to awake finding herself tied and gagged in the back of a moving van. Things get even more complicated when the dealers put a gun in Nick's hand and expect him to kill his "girlfriend" to prove that he's not part of the leak as well.

In the meantime life at the station moved has moved on without them as Swarek (Ben Bass) has been promoted to detective, Shaw (Matt Gordon) has moved back in with his family, Epstein (Gregory Smith) has embarked on a celibacy kick, and due to lack of funding 15 Division puts their officers out in force in speed traps. The biggest catch of the day comes from Epstein and Shaw who clock a reckless caterer (Matthew Bennett) at 50mph over the limit who then tries to bribe his way out of the ticket. After his arrest Swarek learns the man is tied to Blackstone's case for the Drug Squad and learns that his former girlfriend may be in grave danger.

Realizing Blackstone's reckless behavior might have put two of their own at risk, Swarek recruits Nash (Enuka Okuma), Cruz (Rachael Ancheril), Epstein, and Shaw to do some off the books investigating of their own. After Blackstone comes clean about loosing contact with both Andy and Nick, Best (Lyriq Bent) orders a full-scale raid on the warehouse contacted to the distribution of each of the shipments. When the entire lead turns out to be a wild goose chase, Swazek takes another tact aided by a call from Andy, which leads to Blackstone getting his bust and the safe return of two officers to 15 Division.

As the episode comes to an end the pair are welcomed home by hugs, handshakes, and right hook from Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) that gives Nick a second black eye to match his first. An emotional Andy discovers Swarek's relationship with Cruz, and Diaz (Travis Milne) is forced to do some serious thinking when his transfer and pay raise goes through. As a season premiere "Surprises" is full of tension involving a case which makes sense for the whole group to eventually join part in (something which always seems to happen whether or not the scope of the investigation actually calls for it). Despite the punch, Gail is happy to have Nick back safe and sound, but for Andy her return may only further complicate several lives including her own.

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