Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teen Titans Go! - Dude Relax! & Laundry Day

After going an entire week without any crime-fighting, and constantly getting into the business of the other members, the team forces a jittery Robin (Scott Menville) to learn to relax by locking him in the Titan Tower and refusing to let him out until their leader learns how to chill. (They do know Robin was trained by Batman, right?) The funniest moment of the episode involves a confession by Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) who admits at times he replaces himself with an animal he has painted green, allowing him to sneak back to the Tower and find his "oneness with the couch."

In the episode's second short the team goes through "an epic series of contests" as no member wants to be the one to clean their costumes, especially Robin who shirks his scheduled chores. As Raven (Tara Strong) tries repeatedly to get rid of the alien slime stuck the clothes the rest of the team tries to make do without their costumes (including a naked Robin who gets locked out of Titans Tower). When the slime takes over the heroes dirty clothes the heroes must fight them off until Robin finally agrees to do the laundry.

"Dude Relax!" gets a little bizarre as Robin finds himself lost in the realm of the couch, and the reasoning behind his anxiety is a little odd, but the episode has some nice moments from Beast Boy as Robin's guru for chilling out and a humorous final scene as the team finally gets Robin to relax just when they need him to jump into action. The best scene of "Laundry Day" involves the costumes getting minds of their own and dressing the team in each other's costumes. The episode also includes a look at Cyborg's other cybernetic bodies, many of which should look quite familiar to fans of cartoon robots.

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