Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nikita - High-Value Target

Owen (Devon Sawa) and Amanda (Melinda Clarke) prepare to sell the Black Box to the highest bidder at the G20 Summit in Toronto. Owen wets the appetites of potential buyers by giving them a preview such as ABIN's Director who Owen teases with the knowledge that Nikita (Maggie Q) and Division are responsible for his brother's assassination and that all the information he needs for revenge can be his, for a price. Thanks to Cyrus (Isaiah Mustafa) what's left of Division knows where the sale is going down, but Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) will have to put up her own money to give them a shot and getting the box (and try to help atone for her recent actions).

Just as Nikita, Michael (Shane West), and Alex begin putting their plan in action Division is breached by a Navy SEAL team capturing Ryan (Noah Bean), Cyrus, Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford), and Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood). Nikita brokers a deal with President Spencer (Michelle Nolden) to get the access she needs in the summit (and keep her friends back in the Division bunker alive), while Alex offers her family fortune to back the bid of Turkey in the secret auction. When Nikita and Michael's first attempt to grab Owen is interrupted by Santos and his men, Alex tries a more subtle approach by appealing to what ever part of Owen might be left inside him.

The German contingent surprises everyone by outbidding the field, but that's only the beginning of the confusing night as Karl Yaeger (Greg Bryk) kills his own men and makes off with the box for a secret rendezvous with the same group that rescued Amanda. Although Amanda escapes into the welcoming arms of The Shop, with the unexpected help of Owen the box is destroyed, and Ryan is able to stare down the Navy SEALs long enough for the President to resend her kill order and keep the remaining agents of Division alive for one more day.

"High-Value Target" has a couple of nice twists and I'm glad to see Mustafa return as Cyrus (even if it is only for a single episode). Owen's work has put Nikita's face on the radar of a powerful man with a very personal grudge, but, at least for now, it seems Owen's story may be finished. With only two episodes left in the season Division hasn't gotten a temporary reprieve, but with Amanda now partnered with The Shop she'll be more dangerous than ever. Unable to close Division's doors for good without first dealing with Amanda, Nikita and her team have one more mission to complete before the season draws to a close.

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