Saturday, October 26, 2013

White Collar - Out of the Frying Pan

After arresting the owner of the world's most notorious Black Market E-bay site, Neal (Matt Bomer) and his new handler Special Agent David Seigel (Warren Kole) turn their attention to catching as many of the site's buyers as possible as Diana (Marsha Thomason) creates multiple false profiles to outbid for the stolen merchandise allowing the FBI time to track down as many buyers as possible and Peter (Tim DeKay) begins his new role as head of the White Collar Division. Trouble for Neal and his new partner starts early when the first name of anonymous buyers Seigel chooses to go after turns out to be Mozzie (Willie Garson).

In order to stop the FBI looking for Teddy Winters, which turns out to be Mozzie's real name not one of his many aliases, Neal and his pal plan a rather large and public death by fire that satisfies everyone but an extremely pregnant and snoopy Diana who goes into premature labor and uncovering Teddy Winter's secret underground bunker.

While Neal breaks into the FBI evidence lock-up and destroys the evidence against the The Dutchman, thus completing his part of the deal to keep Peter out of prison, Mozzie helps deliver Diana's baby boy and then moves on to start a new beginning. However, Peter's suspicions are aroused by several small clues which begin to make the new head of White Collar wonder what is going on under his nose.

Seigel is a definite switch from Peter, and should bring a new dynamic to the show. Despite being made by Neal's new shadow, it appears Mozzie is going to remain in town thus putting both he and Neal in jeopardy if Seigel ever catches up to him. Seigel's story about what happened to his own CI and the discovery of Neal's unaccounted for moments in the building begin arousing Peter's own suspicions in a way that's unlikely to turn out well for anyone, including himself.

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