Monday, May 5, 2014

Continuum - 30 Minutes to Air

As one version of Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) takes control of Piron and begins cutting the other Alec, Kellog (Stephen Lobo), and even Kiera (Rachel Nichols) out of his life, Inspector Dillon (Brian Markinson) goes on a local talk show to try and defuse some of the damage to the department when his daughter (Laci J Mailey) is arrested for a non-violent protest inspired by Liber8's message.

In an episode teaming with hidden motives and agendas, Carlos (Victor Webster) and Kiera are called in when Travis (Roger R. Cross) and Liber8 take control of the television studio during Dillon's interview. Holding the show's stars (Michelle Harrison, James Kidnie) and crew hostage, Liber8 makes demands involving access to the company's satellite.

What appears an attempt to get their message out is actually only one part of a much larger plan as Travis uses the stolen information from the safety-deposit boxes and access to the satellite to feed Garza (Luvia Petersen) the intel she needs to retrieve even more classified data on not only the corporation that owns the network but its competitors all of whom will grow in power to eventual rule the future where Liber8 is born. Once again Liber8 wins a small victory and fades back into the shadows with more information to do even greater harm in the future.

Using her fancy futuristic suit, Kiera gets into the building and disables the advanced explosives allowing Carlos and his team to save the hostages, but not before Lucas (Omari Newton) is able to get the organiztion exactly what it came for. In a final twist it's revealed Liber8 isn't the only one playing the long game in terms of misdirection as we learn Dillon's daughter is going to prison in an attempt to infiltrate Liber8 and help her father bring them down from within.

With Liber8's violent public actions taking center stage in a way that puts one of their own at danger, "30 Minutes to Air" moves away from the growing question of whether or not the group's actions will lead to a better or worse future as both Kiera and Carlos put aside recent internal struggles (and growing friction between the partners) to get the job done. However, Alec's growing distance from everyone, including his pal the future cop, certainly doesn't help Kiera's conundrum about dealing with a pair of Alec Sadlers as both relationships have become strained in recent weeks. It seems at this point Kiera's healthiest relationship is her new partnership to the Freelancers, Chen (Terry Chen) even proposes becoming her full-time partner, but just what is the group keeping behind that secret door that they don't want Kiera to see?

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