Thursday, May 1, 2014

Person of Interest - Beta

With Finch (Michael Emerson) missing and Samaritan now online in New York leading Decima hit-teams after Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi), Root (Amy Acker) returns to New York to do what she can to help and save the latest number: Finch's former fiance Grace Hendricks (Carrie Preston). Although the Beta Test of Samaritan is running smoothly without turning on the computer's higher functions (which the company still lacks the hardware to bring fully online) and delivers plenty of potential terrorists in New York City to please Senator Garrison (John Doman), Greer (John Nolan) waits to hand over those names realizing he can't waste his best opportunity to get his hands on Harold Finch.

With the help of Fusco (Kevin Chapman) and the limited safety the precinct provides, the team uses whatever is on hand (and Root's explosive diversion) to get the increasingly confused artist, who they can't explain the entire situation to without putting her in even more danger, out of the precinct alive. Although successful, they can't stop Greer's agents from eventually getting their hands on Grace. And, once understanding her value, the villain quickly realizes he can trade Grace for Finch who, despite Reese's objections, is all to eager to give himself up to save the woman he loves.

With only two episodes remaining the team looses Finch to Greer and Decima, but still has a card or two left to play as Root steals seven of the servers needed to boost the computer to full capacity. That and the fact that Decima's limited trial run ends eliminates the advantage of Decima, restoring The Machine dominance. Finch is obviously too valuable to Greer to be in any immediate danger, so the real question is how will Reese, Shaw, Fusco, and Root fare without him in the season's remaining two episodes?

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