Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stalker - My Hero

The Threat Assessment Unit is called in to examine stalking of a newly-engaged couple that leads to one of the happy couple being burned alive on the beach. Loosing one-half of the couple to their latest stalker, the team turns their attention to protecting the dead man's fiance (Phoebe Tonkin) who the attacker continues to threaten even after forcing her watch her soul mate be burned alive.

Putting the Perry (Erik Stocklin)/Ray (Eion Bailey) storyline on hold for at least a week, aside from Beth's (Maggie Q) co-workers continuing to strive to protect her, "My Hero" offers a new type of stalking caused by a young woman's (Nicholle Tom) hero worship. The B-story of the week focuses on Jack's (Dylan McDermott) growing relationship with his son causing conflict with his working relationship with Trent (Warren Kole) and Trent's romantic relationship with (Elisabeth Röhm).

The lack of any advancement of the Perry/Ray subplot isn't surprising but it is a little disappointing. As to the case of the week, Tonkin proves to be one of the best victims the show has had as she throws herself into the role of a character struggling to hold it together based on a series of attacks that won't make sense until the team stops examining the lovers exes and begins to look at their closest friends.

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