Monday, January 12, 2015

The Librarians - And the Rule of Three

Eve (Rebecca Romijn) and the Librarians-in-Training head to a high school science fair in Chicago to investigate students who have turned to witchcraft to get the upper hand over their competition. Even Jenkins (John Larroquette) gets in on the fun leaving the Annex to help Ezekiel (John Kim) and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) look for the coven he believes must be responsible for the magic rewriting the rules of physics inside the auditorium. However, it isn't a coven but an old enemy responsible for all the magical mischief.

Magic always has a cost and the Librarians redouble their efforts to find those responsible before the cosmic whammy taking down the school's best and brightest boomerangs back on those responsible with likely devastating results. Needing an inside perspective from someone they are sure isn't a suspect Jake (Christian Kane) enlists the help of a lovelorn goth kid to learn about the school, and Cassandra bonds with with the smartest girl in her class (Bex Taylor-Klaus) to come up with a last-minute save from the fallout of a wish-fulfillment spell turned into a phone app by Morgan Le Fey (Alicia Witt).

This is the first episode of the series that completely sells me on the series without Flynn (Noah Wyle). In fact, "And the Rule of Three" is likely the bar by which the rest of the show's First Season will be judged. Morgan's appearance, allowing the mortals to destroy themselves with magic so she can steal a bit of the power for herself not to rule but to escape what is to come, not only clues Eve in on Jenkins' past but also prophesies the end of the world. Eve's choice to put the lives of the students ahead of destroying the witch may well lead to future trouble as Jenkins suggests but would we really expect a Guardian to do anything else?

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