Monday, January 19, 2015

The Librarians - And the City of Light

Despite the disbelief of both Jenkins (John Larroquette) and the other Librarians-in-Training, Ezekiel (John Kim) convinces the group to head to a small town where a UFO expert disappears and strange lights have been reported. As Jake (Christian Kane) and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) investigate the history of the town with the help of the town's archivist/notary/volunteer fire chief/chancellor of the exchequer (Haley Webb), Ezekiel and Eve (Rebecca Romijn) take a closer look at the area where the UFO nut was exploring before he disappeared only to have Eve disappear right in front of Ezekiel's eyes.

With the help of the UFO nut's goggles, Ezekiel is able to find the displaced Eve along with an entire city worth of people from an earlier version of the town built by Nikola Tesla whose wireless gas lamps zapped most of the townspeople out-of-sync who can now only temporarily "borrow" the bodies of those in the real world. With Jake falling hard for the 130 year-old woman who is anchoring her lost friends, and with Eve among the missing, the Librarians-in-Training choose to help complete Tesla's unfinished work to bring back the town not realizing the cost should they fail which could cause a massive explosion killing thousands of people.

With Cassandra forced to make a hard call, "And the City of Light" ends on a bittersweet note with Eve rescued but the townspeople lost for at least another 100 years and, particularly hard for Jake, the charming 130 year-old Ms. Collins lost for good. Heading into the season final the Librarians-in-Training learn the hard lesson that even with their collected knowledge and the vast resources of the Annex, not everyone can be saved.

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