Friday, January 23, 2015

Stalker - The News

The stalking of a local news anchor (Kerr Smith) begins an investigation into the man's co-workers and a fan with previous stalking issues (Todd Giebenhain). The truth of who is behind the attacks ranging from threatening video of the newsman's daughter to a drive-by shooting involves the irrational actions of a stalker whose actions she wrongly believes are helpful to the man she loves nearly ending in murder.

Overshadowing the case of the week is Beth (Maggie Q) learning not only has Perry (Erik Stocklin) disappeared but that he's used his family's power and influence to arrange the release of the stalker (Eion Bailey) who murdered Beth's family years ago and forever changed the path of her life. Not letting events preventing her from solving the case, afterwards her co-workers attempt to offer Beth their support realizing they have no way to predict or prevent whatever Ray and Perry have planned. With the inner circle now all read-in on Beth's past the show begins its slow build to the confrontation between the stalkers and LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit.

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