Monday, January 5, 2015

The Librarians - And the Fables of Doom

Eve (Rebecca Romijn) and the Librarians-in-Training head into the rural Pacific Northwest where a troll threw a truck off a bridge, giant wolves are prowling the streets of a small town, and other fables are coming to life. Calling on the help of Jake (Christian Kane) and Ezekiel (John Kim), Jenkins (John Larroquette) is able to perform and autopsy on the giant wolf and narrow the cause of the magic to a single dangerous artifact able to bring any storybook character to life (at the cost of the lives of real people around them).

With the entire town enchanted by Cassandra (Lindy Booth) Jake takes on the role of the Huntsman and Eve an increasingly useless princess as the entire town takes on aspects of fairy tale characters including the sheriff (Ted Rooney) who begins to huff and puff as the Big Bad Wolf. While Eve and Jake talk with the local librarian (Rene Auberjonois) who has just come into a collection of old books Ezekiel meets the young girl (Sophia Mitri Schloss) slowly being drained by the fables coming to life. The rogue once again will find himself hero of the story, with a little help from a sick little girl whose own version of the story ends with a happily-ever-after for almost everyone involved.

Other than the actual giant wolf the villains brought to life aren't all that threatening leading to a somewhat anti-climactic battle in the town library. However, it is fun to watch the characters take on various aspects from the stories and to see Ezekiel yet again unphased by a magical object (last week he wasn't effected by the Apple of Discord) suggesting there's far more to this particular Librarian-in-Training than meets the eye. The episode ends foreshadowing a bit of future mischief for Cassandra as well who managed to hold onto a small bit of magic from their latest adventure.

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