Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Librarians - And the Loom of Fate

Ending the season with the return of both Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle) and The Library, "And the Loom of Fate" ties together the recovered artifacts from several of the show's previous nine episodes for a showdown with the villainous Dulaque (Matt Frewer) and a look at various other realities where Flynn never became The Librarian. The show has certainly improved over the second-half of its First Season and the season finale wraps up most of the loose ends allowing for both a strong final episode (should TNT choose not to renew the show) while also opening the door for several new opportunities in a potential Second Season.

Using Flynn's attempt to open a door to the lost Library, Dulaque seizes on the opportunity to slice into the Loom of Fate and reset the world allowing him to return to the glory of Camelot. Good for him, but not so great for everyone else. At ground zero during Dulaque's attack, Eve (Rebecca Romijn) finds herself transported to an alternate timeline where Jake (Christian Kane) is The Librarian and Flynn is an academic who has never achieved his full potential.

Offering us a look at several different version of the world created by Dulaque, Eve and Flynn begin jumping through alternate dimensions winding up in histories where a sorceress Cassandra (Lindy Booth) and buttoned-down Ezekiel (John Kim) have both become The Librarian. Uniting the entire group together allows Flynn to save all of time, reclaim his role as The Librarian, defeat Dulaque, and return The Library to this dimension.

With or without Wyle's continued involvement, and allowing for episodes featuring one, some, or all The Librarians, the season finale gives each character a shining moment while doing a pretty darn good job selling me on potential future episodes. The finale also reveals Jenkins' (John Larroquette) true identity and returns the plethora of magical artifacts (one of which is used to save Eve's life) back into the hands of our heroes. Here's hoping they get to return for another season for more high-spirited adventures.

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