Sunday, January 11, 2015

Super Dinosaur #23

To call the release of Super Dinosaur inconsistent would be kind. The large irregular gaps between issues has made me wonder more than once whether or not the comic was silently killed by Image. Returning for a single issue to wrap-up the current story arc involving the attack on the Dyna Dome and the reunion of the Dynamo family, Super Dinosaur #23 offers plenty of action as well as sets up a new arc when the comic returns after (yet another) prolonged hiatus.

I do take some issue with Derek's reaction (or lack thereof) to the fact that his newly-returned mother poisoned his best friend along with the attacking dinosaurs without first attempting to warn Super Dinosaur to get clear. Despite SD's deteriorating condition everything at the Dynamo Dome appears hunky dory, well at least until the return of the Exile and the invasion of humankind by the Reptiloids.

Given the responsibilities of Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard on other titles I don't know when Super Dinosaur will return but I hope that when it does we won't get the same multi-month gaps we've seen over the show's recent publication. Worth a look.

[Image, $2.99]

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