Friday, April 17, 2015

Backstrom - I Like to Watch

The death of a performance artist leads Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) into a world of suspects he's even more dismissive of than usual. The leading suspects in the case turn out to be the victim's ex-girlfriend (Ever Carradine) who Backstrom nearly mounts during her web-televised life in a plastic box, after surprisingly finding common ground and a mutual attraction, and Valentine's (Thomas Dekker) former lover (Ray Santiago) making closing the case a little trickier than usual.

An interest in art in the lead character's past is unexpected but does fit into Backstrom having an artistic temperament (while railing against those who call themselves performance artists). Eventually Backstrom's uncover the real killer (Haley Webb) by turning his attraction for another suspect into a motive for murder. Aside from nearly nailing a suspect live on camera (and I don't mean by arresting her), "I Like to Watch" is also memorable for Backstrom making an emotional connection and finally providing his half-brother with the "rocket" shaped kite he promised to build weeks ago.

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