Sunday, April 12, 2015

Backstrom - Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It

The murder of a sex surrogate, which Backstrom (Rainn Wilson) has trouble separating from hooker, leads the team on an investigation that will not only nab their killer but also reveal a bit more about Backstrom's past and his relationship with his mother who it turns out didn't die in childbirth after all. Backstrom offering little understanding for the death of someone he deems as nothing more than a call girl is hardly surprising, but his discussions with another surrogate, who later becomes a suspect, push Backstrom right out of his cocksure attitude.

The murder of the week fits the tone the show has set, and includes some nice twists, but the real news here is the secret suicide of Backstrom's mother. Was it even a suicide? Was Backstrom's father responsible? Why was it covered up? And what will the news do to the detective over the season's remaining episodes?

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