Monday, April 20, 2015

Scandal - I'm Just a Bill

Rowan's (Joe Morton) return sets up the season's final three episodes as Olivia's (Kerry Washington) father gives the D.C. fixer 48 hours to stop her friends from dragging the secrets of B613 to light... or else. Choosing justice over loyalty, to her estranged father or to the man she loves (who will be implicated should the secret organization be revealed), Olivia chooses truth which will cost one supporting cast member their life and reveal the season's worst kept secret about which new recurring character is actually one of Rowan's men.

Other storylines of the week involve Pope & Associates taking the case of a promising mayoral candidate (Cornelius Smith Jr.) sleeping with the incumbent's wife who turns up dead in his bed and the White House working frantically to get important legislation passed with Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani) standing in the way. Although humorous, and certainly in character, the VP's storyline is given far too much time in a week where the show has two far more interesting plot threads to deal with.

The death of Jake (Scott Foley) is a hell of a first salvo in the war between Pope vs. Pope but it also raises the stakes stating firmly that there is no going back from this point on. Franklin's (Brian White) duplicity was far too easy to see coming and I'm a bit disappointed to see Jake go out so easily to such a one-note character. The war has claimed its first causality but who is next?

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