Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Battle Creek - Mama's Boy

Candice Bergen guest-stars on the latest episode of Battle Creek as Russ' (Dean Winters) convict mother who is temporarily released from prison into the custody of Russ and Milt (Tad Hamilton) to help solve a murder tied to the world of counterfeiting which the woman knows all too well. Of course the fact that Russ can't trust a word the woman says, including her unwillingness to admit to having $1,000,000 in cash conned from a murderer with ties to organized crime, makes solving the case harder than usual.

"Mama's Boy" goes a long way to explain Russ' distrustful nature as well as showcase the lessons he picked up from his mother turning a con against the con artist (including using his own mother as bait to nab a killer). Bergen has fun in the role including a subplot involving her testing out Holly (Aubrey Dollar) and judging her good enough for her son (even if Russ hasn't gotten around to asking her out yet) which I thought played better than the fortune cookie advice she offered to various members of the squad room, which somehow all pays off, despite not knowing anything about their lives.

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