Sunday, April 5, 2015

Elementary - The View from Olympus

While Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) ponders over the issue of fathering a child for a longtime paramour (Anastasia Griffith), whose motives Sherlock is immeadiately suspicious of, the detective and Watson (Lucy Liu) are called in on a case involving the intentional hit-and-run that left a rideshare driver dead. Although at first all evidence points to a local cab driver as the most likely killer, Holmes quickly eliminates that possibility and begins investigating a Big Brother program known as Zoos whose users gladly allow the company to track their whereabouts not realizing how such information could be put to use in the wrong hands.

What Holmes and Watson discover isn't one criminal inside the multimillion-dollar company but two. The first was using the information tracked and stored in the company's database to blackmail users whose wherabouts they were happy to pay to keep quiet about. The second motive had a more specific target involving one of the programmers using Zoos to stalk a single woman across the city for his own twisted pleasure.

"The View from Olympus" isn't one of the show's best mysteries but it works to keep the true motives for the murder hidden for most of the episode. The B-story may not ever sell us on the idea the Holmes would consider such an arrangement but it does offer a strong scene between the detective and scientist in which he discusses the burden of his genius and why he would never attempt to inflict such a condition on anyone else. The B-story works to remind users of the negative side of Holmes' observation and deductive abilities while offering a couple of humorous moments such as when Watson finds him hiding from his guest in the basement.

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