Wednesday, April 8, 2015

iZombie - Liv and Let Clive

After eating the brains of an Asian gang member Liv (Rose McIver) becomes paranoid, partly because of the dead man's personality and partly due to the dead man's flashbacks which suggest Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) may be a dirty cop. Liv's new paranoid state also goes into overdrive fearing Major (Robert Buckley) may be contemplating letting the sexy coed (Elise Gatien) he's being seeing become his new roommate whereas Liv has someone else in mind for the position.

Along with the murder of the week, a peak into the detective's past, and the sorry state of Liv's romantic life, "Liv and Let Clive" also offers our first real look into Blaine DeBeers' (David Anders) organization which includes providing brains for those he's zombified for exorbitant fees and an apparent never-ending supply of dumb help. The sophistication of his little enterprise is impressive suggesting there's far more to the zombie who transformed Liv than just another small-time criminal.

Having Ravi (Rahul Kohli) move in with Major keeps the character in play despite the fact that by now he should be moving on. As fun as paranoid Liv turns out to be (leading to the amusing scene of her attempt at undercover work at the gang-controlled DVD store), her realization that she knows kung fu and how to defend herself against the gang's top dog (and talk trash afterward) offers the best lines of this week's show. The episode ends reminding us of Major's missing friend, now meat for Blaine's zombie cuisine service, which links the various storlines together and, in one way or another, will likely threaten to reveal Liv's secret to at least one more member of the cast.

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