Sunday, April 12, 2015

Elementary - One Watson, One Holmes

A civil war within the online community Everyone concerning the future of the hacker community sends Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) on the search for a killer despite the fact the NYPD has a strong suspect in custody with motive, means, and opportunity who attempted to hire Holmes to find the dead man the day before the hacker met his end.

In the midst of the search Holmes remarks to Watson on about her recent behavior following the murder of her boyfriend and her rededication to Holmes' methods. The dialogue gives the episode its title as Holmes remarks the balance of their partnership requires Watson to keep an empathy and connection to the wider world which he's noticed has been lacking in recent episodes. Although Holmes struggles to put his concerns in unselfish terms, eventually Watson gets the message and, despite her disinterest, attempts to reconnect with her old friends.

Even though he has a personal stake in Watson's noticeable change and how it effects him, "One Watson, One Holmes" is another example of how Holmes cares for his partner even if he struggles to show it. The Everyone mystery is straightforward if a little too muddled for its own good and offers some enjoyable moments such as Bell (Jon Michael Hill) discovering how the collective charges Holmes for its services offering another callback to an earlier episode.

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