Wednesday, April 15, 2015

iZombie - Flight of the Living Dead

The murder of an old college acquaintance not only leads to Liv (Rose McIver) helping track down another killer through her brain-eating visions but also rekindles the possibility of love within the undead medical examiner when one of the suspects in the case turns out to be another zombie passing for human.

It seems zombies are far more prevalent in the the city that Liv realizes. Not only does she meet a potential new love interest of the undead persuasion but the show also reveals Babineaux's (Malcolm Goodwin) boss to be a brain eater and the detective uncovers the first big clue to something odd going on in the city when the B-plot of the past couple of weeks involving Major's (Robert Buckley) leads to the discovery of dozens of other unsolved missing persons cases in recent months.

Along with enlarging the zombie population of the show, "Flight of the Living Dead" is notable for the guest-appearance of Veronica Mars regular Ryan Hansen as one of the murder suspects. Despite the ties to Liv's past, solving of the crime is secondary this week to larger storylines suggesting Blaine DeBeers' (David Anders) zombie empire is larger than anyone has guessed while also teasing the audience with some possible zombie-on-zombie love action in the upcoming weeks.

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