Thursday, April 30, 2015

iZombie - Maternity Liv

Eating the brain of the mother of a newborn baby kicks Liv's (Rose McIver) maternal instincts into overdrive while helping Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) solve the woman's kidnapping and murder (and several others which have ties to at least one other zombie). Thanks to Major (Robert Buckley) enlisting the help of reporter to look into the high number of disappearances Babineaux earns no love from the rest of the department when he's quoted in an article calling out the department for their lack of interest in the dozens of poor people who have disappeared off the streets in recent weeks.

Along with amping-up Liv's maternal instincts, which isn't all bad as it helps to repair her strained relationship with her own mother, "Maternity Liv" also has fun by introducing the perils of zombie dating as Liv and Lowell (Bradley James) struggle to reconnect given the personalities each is channeling after their last meal. Eventually the pair find a way to embrace and enjoy the temporary setback to their relationship which could get quite bizarre should variations of this subplot recur every week.

While confirming Lieutenant Suzuki (Hiro Kanagawa) is indeed a zombie (who knows the truth about Liv) the episode suggests alive or dead the Lieutenant is playing by his own rule book and agenda. Whether or not his story is tied to that of Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) is yet to be seen (but it would explain his reluctance to investigate the disappearances) and we also have to wait and see how Major reacts to the information gathered during his own snooping (and whether or not he'll accept the explanation for a Tupperware of brains that could eventually lead him to discovering Liv's secret).

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