Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Battle Creek - Old Wounds

Picking up on themes laid in "Old Flames," Commander Guziewicz's (Janet McTeer) adopted son (Rotimi) enlists the help of Milt (Tad Hamilton) to look into the deaths of his biological parents after coming to the conclusion that the man convicted of the double-murder may not actually be guilty. Neither Guziewicz nor Russ (Dean Winters) are pleased with with Milt's decision to reopen the case, although Russ does get some peverse pleasure in attempting to prove his old boss (Michael O'Neill) may have convicted an innocent man of a crime.

Given the personal nature of the crime which have haunted the young man his entire life "Old Wounds" works better than most episodes of the series. The episode also ends strong with the Commander's frank and honest discussion of addiction with her son. Of course there's still plenty of tomfoolery to go around as Russ and his old nemesis spend the entire episode in a pissing contest and Fontanelle (Kal Penn) and Jackocks (Liza Lapira) look into the criminal backgrounds of both Holly's new boyfriend and Holly (Aubrey Dollar) herself after they discover a sealed juvenile file in her records.

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