Sunday, April 19, 2015

Olympus - Ring of the Magi

The Mercenary (Tom York), the Oracle (Sonya Cassidy), and Daedalus (Matt Frewer) continue their search for the ring of the Magi which is stalled both by Daedalus' betrayal and by the travelers being captured by Queen Medea's (Sonita Henry) minions. The episode also introduces the true purpose of the ring, the secrets locked within the Mercenary's genetic code, and a new group of characters known as the Magi might not to be walk with the gods in Olympus but destroy them forever.

As with the other episodes in the series so far much of the episode is spent on palace intrigue with various factions working to insure their power should King Aegeus (Graham Shiels) never wake. It's here where the series continues to bog down as all of the time spent on the various machinations result in absolutely nothing as the King retakes his throne at the end of the episode.

The most interesting ideas of "Ring of the Magi" are the ones the episode spends the least amount of time exploring. Just who are the Magi? Where does Daedalus' loyalty truly lie? What was the meaning of the Oracle's vision? And is the Mercenary the only one with the power to use ring (which allowed him, to an extremely limited extent, to control time)? It's likely we'll have to wait several episodes for any of these questions to be answered.

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