Thursday, March 2, 2017

Arrow - Fighting Fire With Fire

Since they were introduced it was obvious that either Billy Malone or Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) was going to eventually be revealed as Prometheus. Billy's death made it all too easy to guess the identity of the season's big bad. As expected, Adrian is revealed to be Prometheus in "Fighting Fire With Fire" although Ollie (Stephen Amell) won't know this for at least another week. The main focus of the latest episode is Oliver and company (heh) going into damage-control mode after Chase leaks the cover-up in Green Arrow's involvement in Billy's murder. Facing impeachment, Oliver decides drastic action is called for, and rather than blackmail those deciding his fate or throw one of his subordinates to the wolves, Mayor Queen decides to turn the city's hero into the bad guy.

The rest of the episode focues on Oliver's team setting out to stop the return of Vigilante, who has decided to target the city's mayor, and further flashbacks to Oliver's time in Russia. In terms of ongoing storylines, Curtis (Echo Kellum) plays with his balls some more and is rocked by an unexpected turn of events, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) continues down a potentially dark road while Thea (Willa Holland) decides to make a change concerning her own path, and Susan Williams (Carly Pope) shows up forgiving Oliver for all his lies and getting her fired in a move that doesn't really make that much sense (especially as she's seen him lie yet again publicly and push blame to his alter-ego).

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