Thursday, March 2, 2017

Legion - Chapter 4

With David (Dan Stevens) lost inside his own mind, his friends attempt to search for answers in the outside world by tracking down those who knew him best including his former girlfriend (Katie Aselton) and Dr. Poole (Scott Lawrence). Their investigation doesn't give them any solid answers but does seem to confirm that Syd's (Rachel Keller) supposition that David is hiding his true memories under layers of fake ones. Unfortunately for one member of the team, their actions draw the attention of D3 leading to an ambush at the doctor's secluded home.

The episode's B-story involves David stumbling around the maze of his own mind and interacting with Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) and other characters. It takes Syd being put in danger to force David back to the real world, although how his misreads the situation complicates matters only further and possibly costs not only one but two members of Summerland their lives. David is back, but the group has no real answers to the complexities of his mind. However, it is of interest that Syd is continuing to have visions of David's mind as the fear of just how much could be wrong with him begins to creep in.

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