Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Elektra #1

Elektra has been many things over the years, but most of her best stories usually tie back to Daredevil (in one way or another). The character's new comic takes Elektra far from the streets of New York and Matt Murdock's new life, and deposits her on the strip in Las Vegas where the despicable treatment of one of the casino workers raises the assassin's ire.

Stripping away the character's classic red costume (seriously, what does Marvel have against the color red all of the sudden?), Elektra #1 clads the character far more simply (something between the Netflix character's look and Silk). While Elektra sets out only to get revenge for one woman, leaving a trail of broken and dead bodies strewn across the hotel and dance club, her actions also draw the attention of prying eyes who are using the casino for something sinister.

One issue in, it's too hard to yet get a feel for the comic, especially given Matt Murdock's disruption of Elektra's timeline which leaves a gaping black hole into what the character thinks happened in her past and informs who she is today. For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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