Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jessica Jones #6

Jessica's undercover assignment for Carol Danvers concludes in Jessica Jones #6 with a couple of quick twists, and some unexpected fallout for Jessica. Pretending to throw in with the enemy, Carol is captured and beaten - just what's needed to get the villain to monologue and spill her super-secret plans. With the villains in custody and Jessica free from the mission that destroyed her life (well, destroyed it more), the heroine is left to pick up the pieces. This won't be easy now that Luke has their daughter and doesn't want anything to do with his wife.

Equally troubling for Jessica is how dismissively Carol takes her question concerning the murder of her client and the killer's theory about the Marvel heroes killing billions of lives. Neither admitting the truth nor refuting it, the worm that destroyed that man's reality seems to be working its way into Jessica's brain. Now further disconnected from her husband and daughter, and with her name still not entirely cleared, where might these thoughts lead? And what's next for Jessica Jones, P.I.? Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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