Monday, March 20, 2017

Samurai Jack - Episode XCIII

After defeating the latest version of the Beetle Drone, Jack (Phil LaMarr) is attacked on all sides by the the quick-moving Daughters of Aku who soon destroy the samurai's arsenal, motorcycle, and weapons leaving Jack to hide from the group inside an abandoned temple. As we saw in the first episode of this season, this version of Jack has been worn down mentally by the constant battle with Aku's robots of destruction. Initially taking the Daughters to be machines, Jack uses the shadows of the temple to hide until he can make his escape. However, before doing so he will make a discovery while whittling down the daughters' number by one. Jack survives the encounter, barely, but will he survive the season?

"Episode XCIII" is highlighted by some terrific action and visuals. Personally, I could have done without the inter-cut scenes of the wolf fighting off tigers which parallels Jack's own troubles. (It's a bit on the nose for my tastes.) The Daughters of Aku seem to be the most legitimate challenge Jack has faced in sometime. The episode is notable also for exploring the mindset of both Jack and Aku (Greg Baldwin). The opening sequences show Aku's restlessness over Jack. While no longer afraid of the samurai, Aku is despondent over the fact that no one seems able to kill him. Greg Baldwin is a passable Aku, but although the images of Aku are terrific, there's something missing in the character's spirit as voiced by someone other than Mako. Jack's crazy break-up is equally memorable, as the samurai is verbally attacked by his younger self for giving up on destroying Aku and traveling home.

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