Thursday, March 23, 2017

Legion - Chapter 7

"Chapter 7" begins to offer answers. With David (Dan Stevens) and his friends still locked away in the mental institution of his mind, and David further segmented from the group in the deepest recesses of his mind, Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) now controls all. Working through his troubles with another aspect of himself, David is able to piece together some basic facts about himself and the other consciousness which has been with him nearly his entire life. For those waiting for Legion's paternity to be revealed there's an awfully big reveal here. As for Lenny, he/she finally has a name.

How they escape both David's mind and the death coming for them in the real world is, like most aspects of the show, only sort of explained. Cary's (Bill Irwin) invention does keep Lenny at bay, at least temporarily, but how long can David retain complete control? And now freed from the obstacles inside his mind, David and his friends must deal with those in the real world including Division III which has finally found the mutant summer camp.

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