Sunday, March 26, 2017

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Stayin' Alive / Evolution Rock

The buffoonish Peter Quill (Will Friedle) and the pals have their first run in with Earth's mightiest heroes when the Guardians of the Galaxy discover that a group calling themselves the Avengers is in possession of Thanos' asteroid. Not willing to leave such dangerous technology on Earth, the Guardians liberate it from the Avengers leading to a big throwdown between two teams until eventually they realize they are all on the same side and must work together against the High Evolutionary (Nolan North) who threatens the Earth by tampering with the Avengers death ray satellite (something Drax is much in favor of, as is the idea of a group of vengeful heroes) and kidnaps Rocket (Trevor Devall), Groot, and Carol Danvers (Grey DeLisle).

The first episode involving the two teams fighting works better than the second. The High Evolutionary and his wacky genetic experiments and attempt to absorb all life on Earth through his energy web-shield-thingy doesn't measure up the fun of the Guardians and Avengers battling each other. The only real highlight of "Evolution Rock" is the banter between Rocky and Marv.

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