Thursday, March 16, 2017

Samurai Jack - Episode XCII

For 50 years Samurai Jack (Phil LaMarr) has traveled the wastelands of the future that is Aku (now voiced by Greg Baldwin). Along the way the samurai has lost his hope, his ability to age, the magical sword, and perhaps his sanity. The first new episode of Samurai Jack in more than a dozen years gives us a sobering look at our hero haunted by his failure to make his way home and destroy Aku. Opening with some trademark action, "Episode XCII" gives us the motorcycle-riding, gun-totting new version of Jack taking out a host of Beetle Drones to save a mother and her child. Despite the fact that his skills haven't lessened, it soon becomes obvious this is not the same samurai whose quest is legend. Haunted by visions of the past and all those he cannot save, Jack seems lost. Has Aku finally won?

Although we don't see Aku in this episode, we do see some of his minions. Aside from taking out the drones, Jack also battles the robotic assassin Scaramouch (Tom Kenny) whose ability to control his swords with music makes him a legitimate threat for Jack. The samurai won't fall today, but it is obvious along with the ghosts from the past he is haunted by visions of the future and a rider on horseback who may be one of seven Daughters of Aku raised to destroy the samurai for the glory of their High Priestess (Grey Griffin). Is it by their hand that the samurai will meet his end, or does their arrival portend a change to the status quo which might ultimately lead Jack home? Only time will tell.

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