Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Supergirl - Star-Crossed

The arrival of Mon-El's (Chris Wood) parents on Earth reveals his princely secret to Kara (Melissa Benoist) causing an immediate strain on their relationship. Kara's unwillingness to forgive either his lies or the fact that Mon-El is the prince of a society which is the antithesis of her Kryptonian heritage and ideals appears to have ended the relationship before it began in earnest. While the show enjoys some fan casting here with Teri Hatcher cast as Mon-El's mother, the role doesn't really allow her to do much (and unfortunately also doesn't bring her into contact with her former Lois & Clark co-star). While she's good, and has one nice one-on-one scene with Kara, I would have preferred the show given her something more to do. Apparently she and Kevin Sorbo will be sticking around for at least one more episode so maybe there's more to come.

The episode's B-story involving Winn (Jeremy Jordan) being conned by his girlfriend is actually far more interesting. Despite the betrayal, and being made the patsy of an art heist, Winn finds a way not only to forgive Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) but also still want to continue their relationship. While I understand the show wanting to show Supergirl as unyielding, and playing up her Kryptonian personality, I'm not sure the episode works all that well in terms of separating Kara and Mon-El as our heroine comes off more than a little petty (and kinda racist) in her attitudes to the boy she was just deliriously happy with ten seconds ago.

More notable that either plot thread is the show's epilogue which introduces us to Darren Criss as the Music Meister who, in only about a minute of screentime, manages to steal the episode by trapping Kara in his musical fantasy world while going after more prey in tomorrow night's crossover with The Flash. While I'm sorry to see the character lacks the flash (so to speak) of the original version created for Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I'm curious to see how this storyline will play out.

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