Monday, November 6, 2017

Detective Comics #967

Tim Drake has returned, and his team is happy to see him. However, he hasn't come back alone. Another future version of Tim Drake from an alternate timeline who took on the mantle of Batman and has a far-more murdery streak in him, has also arrived in Gotham City. Seeing a change to rewrite history, future-Tim decides to kill off the one person he hold responsible for forcing him down his current path: Batwoman.

While we still don't know why he wants Batwoman dead, we are clued in it has something to do with Conner Kent (a version of Superboy who doesn't exist in the Rebirth DCU). Spoiler is noticeably absent in Tim's reunion with team, although future Tim does stop in for a pretty-creepy look-in on the younger version of his ex-girlfriend. I will admit smiling when seeing it's Cassandra who is the first of the group (well, second if you count Batman) to welcome Tim back with a warm embrace.

As for the team's attempts to stop a more-seasoned and ruthless future-Tim, it looks like that's going to be complicated, especially considering he has control of Brother Eye. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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