Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Flash - When Harry Met Harry...

The title of the latest episode comes from the B-story as Harry (Tom Cavanagh) reaches out to other versions of himself across the Multiverse in order to aid in the search for the illusive villain DeVoe (Neil Sandilands). While it will eventually bring the Flash (Grant Gustin) face-to-face with the much-discussed character for the first time, neither the quirky versions of Wells nor Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) rousing friendship speech can save the groan-worthy sequences (which are given far too much screentime).

The other storyline continues Ralph Dinby's (Hartley Sawyer) journey to becoming a hero complete with mistakes, a pretty bad initial costume, and a case involving a metahuman (Chelsea Kurtz) stealing Native American artifacts in order to restore them to her tribe. Dinby is getting much more screentime that I expected, basically as an antagonistic stand-in for the forgotten Julian, and (to be honest) a little of him goes quite a long ways. Hopefully the discovery of Davoe, who is nothing like Barry expected, will push the season-long plotline forward and leave less time for Harry being Harry(s) and Dinby being Dinby.

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