Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Supergirl - The Faithful

Faith can make a powerful ally, and an even more powerful enemy. In a world of super-powered individuals it would only be a matter of time before someone would begin worshiping a hero as something far more. In the "Faithful," Kara (Melissa Benoist) is far from pleased to discover someone she saved two yeas ago has started a cult to worship the Kryptionian god Rao and, more specifically, Supergirl. Targeting those who have been saved by National City's hero, the group grows and individuals wanting to feel a part of something even put themselves (and others) in danger in order to be saved. The fact that the man truly believes what he is doing is right, and sees through her alter-ego, only further complicates things.

"Faithful" deals with the issue of religion in an interesting way, making those with faith neither villains nor heroes but simply those in search of meaning larger than themselves. Despite his crazy methods (such as putting thousands in danger with a Kryptonian bomb so Supergirl could save them), the cult's lead acolyte does have a point about Kara's lack of clarity while stirring something in the Kryptonian. She may need all the faith she can get as the episode's closing moments suggest new struggles for Supergirl in the weeks to come as Sam's (Odette Annable) episode finally picks up and the destruction of the Kryptonian power source awakens something deep underwater.

The episode's B-story gives us more of Sam's continued struggle to balance work and home life while spending more time with Alex (Chyler Leigh), Kara, and Lena (Katie McGrath) which culminates both in a Supergirl school program and Alex finally admitting to herself an issue Maggie (Floriana Lima) she's done her best to ignore until now. Is the wedding off? Time will tell.

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