Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Justice League Action - Race Against Crime

Who is faster, Superman (Jason J. Lewis) or the Flash (Charlie Schlatter)? DC has milked this controversy for decades since the pair's first race 60 years ago. We've seen races in multiple comics as well as on television in Superman: The Animated Series' "Speed Demons." "Race Against Crime" follows the basic format of stories like this as the world gathers to watch the pair race only to see a super-villain interfere and stop from having a true winner ever declared. This time around that villain is Lex Luthor (James Woods) who takes advantage of the tracking technology to bleed speed from both racers and siphon it into his own armor allowing him control of both speed and time.

The time element is an interesting addition to Luthor's plan (as he can slow or speed-up the time of those around him) as is the solution for Superman to use his speed to boost the Flash making him fast enough to stop Luthor's latest evil scheme. The inclusion of an old-school villain like Chronos (Andy Richter) is a nice touch, even if he's used more for humor than anything else, and Richter's annoying voice for the character nearly made my ears bleed.

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