Thursday, November 16, 2017

Lucifer - Off The Record

Rather than focus on Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) or a specific crime of the week, "Off The Record" changes things up by centering an episode on someone effected by the Devil's actions and becomes obsessed with proving just who and what Lucifer is. The fact that the reporter (Patrick Fabian) is Linda's (Rachael Harris) ex-husband, who is spurred on his revenge path by an oblivious Lucifer, adds fuel to the fire. Taken place over the course of multiple seasons, we watch Reese's obsession grow until the man simply can't take it any longer.

"Off the Record" plays quite a bit with perspective. Reese's view of Lucifer is first colored by his jealousy of the club owner sleeping with his ex-wife, then by what he believes is misuse of his position in the police department, and finally by the realization that Lucifer is exactly who he says he is. Despite his best efforts to win back his wife, and blaming Lucifer for his troubles, Reese is lost long before Lucifer showed up in Linda's life. The episode's final twist involving the reporting attempting to coerce a serial killer into taking out Lucifer and the reveal of just what kind of literal hell Reese has gotten himself caps what is one of the season's strongest episodes.

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