Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lucifer - Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

The murder of a pudding chemist brings Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) back to Lucifer as the company's lawyer. Confused by Charlotte's return, and wondering if is part of his father's plan (at least when he's not distracted by the models dressed up like angels for the rival company's sexy commercial shoot), Lucifer (Tom Ellis) vows to get to the truth but is unprepared when the lawyer makes a surprise move to jump his bones (after wrongly deducing that she must have been sleeping with Lucifer during the missing months of her life) or the level of her honesty when her efforts at seduction fail.

While the show could have easily moved on without Charlotte, or written her off at the end of this episode, adding another complicated character, one who Lucifer feels responsible for on some level given his mother's actions in Charlotte's body, to the Lucifer universe is the more interesting choice. "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards" proves to be a sad episode for Dan (Kevin Alejandro). First, his former lady love returns after ignoring his calls for months and then acts like she doesn't know him, and then Ella (Aimee Garcia) discovers the detective's favorite snack is actually poison which would have killed the victim in a matter of days if he hadn't drowned first in a vat of pudding. Poor Detective Douche.

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